IWMW 2018 will take place at University of York. The Spring Lane Building will be used for all of the talks. The postal address for the venue is:

Spring Lane Building
University of York
YO10 5DD

The following locations will be used:

A campus map is available.

Links to information about the registration area, main lecture theatre, rooms for parallel sessions and accommodation are given below:

  • Registration, refreshment and exhibition area: Spring Lane Building room SLB/Atrium
  • Luggage store: Spring Lane Building room SLB/007
  • Main lecture theatre: Spring Lane Building room SLB/118

Plenary Talks

Table 1: Rooms for Plenary sessions on Wednesday 11 July
1SLB/118 Lecture Theatre350130[Link]
All plenary speakersAll plenary sessions

Note 2 handheld mics and 2 lapel mics will be provided.

Workshop Sessions and Masterclasses: Rooms to be Used

Table 2 lists the rooms to be used for the workshop sessions taking place on Wednesday 11 July from 16.15-17.45.

Table 2: Rooms for workshop sessions on Wednesday 11 July
Paul Kelly, University of York[A1: Yorkie Bars, Jammie Dodgers & Seven Other Essentials For Successful Usability Testing]
Stephen Evans, University of St Andrews[A2: Optimising Your Content Management System]W1
Lauren Tormey and Duncan MacGruer, University of Edinburgh[A3: You’ve Got (Too Much) Mail: Encouraging Self-Service Through Improving Content]
4SLB/0042019[Link]Steve Burrows, University of Dundee[A4: Solving Problems and Making Friends Using Design Sprints]
5SLB/0052021[Link]Sarah Fisher, University of Kent[A5: Content Strategy: a Learning Journey]
6SLB/10220141[Link]Duncan Ireland, University of the Highlands and Islands[A7: How to Market Something No-one is Searching For]
7SLB/0062014[Link]Melanie Read, University of London and Marie Kitney, Numiko[A8: Designing Usability Tests to Solve Common Problems]
8SLB/001208[Link][Spec]Dave Musson, The Native[A9: Expertise in Your Ears: a Rough Guide to Podcasting]


W1: Additional chairs needed

Masterclass Sessions: Rooms

Table 3 lists the rooms to be used for masterclass sessions taking place on Thursday 12 July from 14.50-17.30.

Table 3: Rooms to be used for masterclass sessions on Thursday 12 July
1SLB/1012020[Link]Claire Gibbons[B1: Your Digital Activities Need a Governance Framework, Yesterday]
2SLB/0022015[Link]Jennifer Hamrick, University of St Andrews[B2: Digital Training Masterclass]
3SLB/0032020[Link]Paul Boag[B3: How to Overcome Resistance to Build a User-centric Site]M1
4SLB/0052020[Link]Rob Ryder-Richardson, University of St Dundee[B5: Customer Journey Mapping]
5SLB/0062020[Link]Karl Orsborn, Wunder[B7: Forever User-Centred, The GDS Way]M2
6SLB/0042020[Link]Adrian Binzaru, Gecko Engage and Megan McFarlane, University of Aberdeen[B8: Maximising User Experience With Limited Resource]
7SLB/102207[Link]Russell Sneezum and Dan Sitner, Siteimprove[B9: Overcoming SEO Challenges to Optimise Your Website]


M1: Will use own Apple Mac
M2: Will need flipcharts and pens, amongst other materials

Additional Rooms to be Used

Table 4 lists additional rooms in the Spring Lane Building to be used at the event.

Table 4: Additional Rooms
1SLB/007 Seminar Rooom20[Link]Luggage roomWed 11 July, 11.00-18.00 and
Fri 13 July, 08.30-14.00
2SLB/018 Atrium Lower Street20[Link]ExhibitionWed 11 July, 09.00 to
Fri 13 July, 14.00
3SLB/019 Atrium Upper Street20[Link]ExhibitionWed 11 July, 09.00 to
Fri 13 July, 14.00