Adrian Binzaru

Adrian Binzaru is the VP of Product at Gecko Engage. Adrian leads a team of developers, who together build the future of student engagement.

Adrian spends his time learning anything and everything about the education and tech sector, identifying ways that Gecko can improve the efficiency of universities back office through technology.

Most recently, Adrian has spent a great deal of time learning more about GDPR and implementing significant changes to Gecko systems and consulting with many universities to better prepare for the legislation coming into play.

Adrian will lead the ‘Maximising User Experience with Limited Resource’ masterclass together with University of Aberdeen’s Megan McFarlane and will also take part in the “Blending Internal and External Services” panel session. Adrian will also be available at the Gecko Engage stand throughout the conference.

Contact Details

Masterclass and Panel

Adrian facilitated a masterclass with Megan McFarlane on “Maximising User Experience With Limited Resource” on Thursday 12 July 2018 and took part in the “Blending Internal and External Services” panel session also on Thursday 12 July 2018.