IWMW 2018, the annual Institutional Web Management Workshop, takes place at the University of York on 11-13 July. The theme of this year’s event, the 22nd in the series is “Streamlining Digital“. Details of the masterclass sessions for the IWMW 2018 event are given below.

The masterclasses were introduced at IWMW 2015 and, due to popular demand, have been repeated ever since. The masterclasses provide additional time to address a subject area of relevance to those with responsibilities for managing institutional web services and other digital channels.

Details of the parallel masterclass sessions at IWMW 2018 are given below. These sessions will take place from 14.45-17.30 on Thursday 12 July 2018. Participants can choose to attend one of the masterclass sessions.

Note you must make a note of the session code when you wish to book a place at the event (the online booking form is held on a separate web site).

B1: Your Digital Activities Need a Governance Framework, Yesterday

Facilitated by Claire Gibbons. See abstract.

B2: Digital Training Masterclass

Facilitated by Jennifer Hamrick, University of St Andrews. See abstract.

B3: How to Overcome Resistance to Build a User-centric Site

Facilitated by Paul Boag. See abstract.

B5: Customer Journey Mapping

Facilitated by Rob Ryder-Richardson, University of Dundee. See abstract.

B7: Forever User-Centred, The GDS Way

Facilitated by Karl Orsborn, Wunder. See abstract.

B8: Maximising User Experience With Limited Resource

Facilitated by Adrian Binzaru, Gecko Engage and Megan McFarlane, University of Aberdeen. See abstract.

B9: Overcoming SEO Challenges to Optimise Your Website

Facilitated by Russell Sneezum and Dan Sitner, Siteimprove. See abstract.


Note sessions B4 and B6 were cancelled.