About the IWMW Event

IWMW, the annual Institutional Web Management Workshop,  is the ‘must attend’ conference for web and digital professionals across the UK Higher Education sector.

The event typically covers a wide range of topics or relevance to this sector including digital transformation, website/digital governance, university strategy, digital strategy, UX, accessibility, design, development, user-journeys and tasks, team management, leadership, content, measurement and analytics, change management, student recruitment and retention, tools, technologies and communications.

History of IWMW Events

The IWMW event was launched at King’s College London in July 1997. Following the success of that 2 day event the IWMW series continued as a 3-day event (with the exception of 2011 when a truncated 2-day event was held).

From 1997 to 2013 the event was organised by UKOLN, a Jisc-funded organisation based at the University of Bath. Following the cessation of Jisc funding in 2013 and UKOLN’s subsequent closure, the event continued as an independent event.

Finding Out More

Further information about recent IWMW events can be obtained by visiting recent event web sites:

Videos From IWMW 2017

Video recordings for many of the plenary talks given at IWMW 2017 are available.


About IWMW 2018

IWMW 2018 will be held at the University of York on 11-13 July 2018.

Attendance at the event costs £400 which includes 2 nights’ accommodation.


The IWMW 2018 event consists of plenary talks, workshop sessions and masterclasses. A summary of the content has been published on the IWMW blog.


Speakers at the event will share their experiences of providing large-scale digital services and address other aspects of “streamlining digital”.

Paul Kelly


The following comments were made about the content of the IWMW 2017 event:

  • Excellent. Every session had some relevance to my situation, and each institution was on a different point of the improvement journey.
  • Really good mix of workshop and speakers.
  • The content was excellent this year, very polished presenters
  • Varied, exciting and engaging
  • Was one of the best for me as the content of the talks was relevant, interesting and stimulating
  • Good spread of areas, high quality, engaging
  • Honest stories are the strength of the event. Sharing openly approaches taken and the results from them.

The following comments were made about the organisation of the IWMW 2017 event:

  • it was a really fun and enjoyable event, everyone was smiling, slickly run and great social events and catering – well done all
  • Really well organised event enjoyed the formal dinner and informal BBQ. Thank you for all your hard work. It was a fantastic opportunity to network with peers and was facilitated to do just this.
  • Really good – clear schedule, easy to know what was on when and communications really good
  • Can’t fault it to be honest. Really affordable which counts for a lot and by far the best ‘ROI’ (based on my initial plans following the conference) of any conference I have been to in the last few years.