Karl Orsborn

Karl Orsborn is a Service Designer for Wunder, a full-service digital agency and Europe’s largest Drupal specialists with over 140 experts across five countries.

With 8 years experience working across the full spectrum of digital, Karl’s main focus now is on designing user-centric services for clients in both the public and private sector.

Having worked for almost three years at Bristol City Council, he’s fully versed in the Government Digital Standards approach to service design and is a firm believer that these same standards can (and should) be adopted in the higher education sector.

Karl also spent over two years working at the University of Birmingham as a student advisor, so he’s no stranger to the problems and frustrations that students face in their day to day lives, and there’s certainly much that can be done to help alleviate these problems through the development of new and exciting services.

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Karl facilitated a masterclass on “Forever User-Centred, The GDS Way” on Thursday 12 July 2018.