Venue Details: Rooms

The parallel workshop sessions will be held on Wednesday 11 July from 16.15-17.45 and the parallel masterclass session on Thursday 12July from 14.50-17.30.

Delegates should have selected their preferred workshop and masterclass when they registered.  Details of the selected session will be given on delegate badges which are available on registration.

Further information about the rooms to be used in the parallel sessions is given below.

Workshop Sessions and Masterclasses: Rooms to be Used

Table 1 lists the rooms to be used for the workshop sessions taking place on Wednesday 11 July from 16.15-17.45.

Table 1: Rooms for workshop sessions on Wednesday 11 July
No. Room Capacity Nos.
Link Facilitator Session Notes
1 SLB/101 20 14 [Link]
Paul Kelly, University of York [A1: Yorkie Bars, Jammie Dodgers & Seven Other Essentials For Successful Usability Testing]
2 SLB/002 20 20+ [Link]
Stephen Evans, University of St Andrews [A2: Optimising Your Content Management System] W1
3 SLB/003 20 12 [Link]
Lauren Tormey and Duncan MacGruer, University of Edinburgh [A3: You’ve Got (Too Much) Mail: Encouraging Self-Service Through Improving Content]
4 SLB/004 20 19 [Link] Steve Burrows, University of Dundee [A4: Solving Problems and Making Friends Using Design Sprints]
5 SLB/005 20 21 [Link] Sarah Fisher, University of Kent [A5: Content Strategy: a Learning Journey]
6 SLB/102 20 14 [Link] Duncan Ireland, University of the Highlands and Islands [A7: How to Market Something No-one is Searching For]
7 SLB/006 20 14 [Link] Melanie Read, University of London and Marie Kitney, Numiko [A8: Designing Usability Tests to Solve Common Problems]
8 SLB/001 20 8 [Link][Spec] Dave Musson, The Native [A9: Expertise in Your Ears: a Rough Guide to Podcasting]


W1: Additional chairs needed

Masterclass Sessions: Rooms

Table 2 lists the rooms to be used for masterclass sessions taking place on Thursday 12 July from 14.50-17.30.

Table 2: Rooms to be used for masterclass sessions on Thursday 12 July
No. Room Capacity Nos.
Link Facilitator Session Note
1 SLB/101 20 20 [Link] Claire Gibbons, independent consultant [B1: Your Digital Activities Need a Governance Framework, Yesterday]
2 SLB/002 20 15 [Link] Jennifer Hamrick, University of St Andrews [B2: Digital Training Masterclass]
3 SLB/003 20 20 [Link] Paul Boag [B3: How to Overcome Resistance to Build a User-centric Site] M1
4 SLB/005 20 20 [Link] Rob Ryder-Richardson, University of St Dundee [B5: Customer Journey Mapping]
5 SLB/006 20 20 [Link] Karl Orsborn, Wunder [B7: Forever User-Centred, The GDS Way] M2
6 SLB/004 20 20 [Link] Adrian Binzaru, Gecko Engage and Megan McFarlane, University of Aberdeen [B8: Maximising User Experience With Limited Resource]
7 SLB/102 20 7 [Link] Russell Sneezum and Dan Sitner, Siteimprove [B9: Overcoming SEO Challenges to Optimise Your Website]
8 SLB/001 20 [Link] Self-managed B10: Do it Yourself! Spare room available if needed.


M1: Will use own Apple Mac
M2: Will need flipcharts and pens, amongst other material.