IWMW 2019, the annual Institutional Web Management Workshop, took place at the University of Greenwich on 25-27 June. The theme of the event, the 23rd in the series, is “Times They Are A-Changin’”. The programme for the IWMW 2019 event is shown below.

Note a version of the programme suitable for printing is available for downloading (PDF format).

Day 1: Tuesday 25 June 2019

Opening Session 1:
Changing Times Across the Institution, the Sector … and for Future Audiences
Session chair: Brian Kelly, IWMW 2019 co-chair
Venue: Stockwell Street Building
Stockwell Street
13.45P0: Welcome, Brian Kelly
14.00P1: Collective Genius – how to nurture a sustainable creative culture, Martyn Edwards, Swansea University
14.30P2: Deceptively Simple – Designing a voice experience for an audience that is still learning to speak, Paul Jackson, BBC Design & Engineering
15.00P3: Your big digital transformation project has been approved, now what?, Ayala Gordon, University of Southampton
Session 2:
IWMW is A-Changin’!
Session chair: Claire Gibbons, IWMW 2019 co-chair
Venue: Stockwell Street Building
16.00Welcome … and What’s New, Claire Gibbons
16.05P4: No, You Don’t Need a Website!, Gareth Edwards, University of Greenwich
16.35Short talks

Day 2, Wednesday 26 June 2019

Session 3:
Institutional Perspectives on Changing Times
Session chair: Kat Husbands, University of Glasgow
Venue: Stockwell Street Building
Stockwell Street
09.00P5: What we Learnt from Rebuilding the University of Derby Website in 10 months, Rob Fowles & Peter Briers, University of Derby and Nick Buckingham, Deeson
09.30P6: Connecting your content: how to save time and improve content quality through structured content and taxonomy, Pamela Agar, St Georges, University of London
10.00LT: Lightning Talks
Session 4:
A Constant in Changing Times: Users!
Session chair: Rob Ryder-Richardson, University of Dundee
Venue: Stockwell Street Building
Stockwell Street
11.00P7: Grassroots & Guerrillas: The Beginnings of a UX Revolution,
Kat Husbands, University of Glasgow
11.30P8: So You Think You Know Accessibility, Oliver Emberton, Silktide
Session 5:
Beyond The Institution
Session chair: Mike McConnell, University of Aberdeen
Venue: Stockwell Street Building
13.30P9: How to train your content- so it doesn’t slow you down…, Alan Dargan, Terminalfour
14.00P10: Supporting Institutions in Changing Times
15.30Lean coffee sessions and vendor-led / staff development workshopsStephen Lawrence building
16.30Workshops: a series of parallel workshop sessions.

Day 3, Thursday 27 June 2019

Session 6:
Delivering Digital
Session chair: Lauren Tormey, University of Edinburgh
Venue: Stockwell Street Building
Stockwell Street
09.15P11: Static Site Generators – Developing Websites in Low-resource Condition, Paul Walk, Antleaf
09.45P12: Developing Communities of Practice, Anna Radley, University of Greenwich
10.15P13: Ask Us Anything!, Members of digital teams at the University of Greenwich
Session 7:
Strategic Thinking
Session chair: Andrew Millar, University of Dundee
Venue: Stockwell Street Building
11.15P14: How to Turn a Web Strategy into Web Services, Jonathan Trout, University of Edinburgh
11.45P15: Looking To The Future