A series of parallel workshop sessions will be held from 16.30-17.30 on Wednesday 26 June 2019:

Note a small number of vendor-led and staff development sessions will be held from 15.30-16.25 on Wednesday 26 June 2019, in parallel with the Lean Coffee sessions. Note these sessions cannot be booked in advance, but delegates can choose to attend at the event.


Room Information

The workshop sessions take place on Wednesday 26 June from 16.30-17.35. They take place immediately after the lean coffee sessions (which will need to finish promptly at 16.25!) Delegates should have chosen a session when they registered, but they may not be able to attend their first choice if is was one of the two which were cancelled or if we had to give people their second choice in order to ensure workshops had similar numbers.  Delegates who did not chose a session are free to chose to attend any which may be of interest.

Session Room Notes
A3: Cascading Style Guides: Finding Evidence For Editorial Best Practice G1L011
A4: Your Digital Activities Need a Governance Framework, Yesterday G1L002
A5: Design Sprints and Customer Journey Mapping G1L009
A6: Preservation and deletion of websites G1L001 TBC
A7: Trying to Understand Higher Education Digital Ecosystems G1L006 TBC
A8: Is Your Data Lying to You? G1L007 TBC
A9: Future Proofing Your Content: Brexit and Beyond G1L104 TBC
A10: Curating Digital Quality Across all 100 UK Universities G1L105 TBC
A11: The Methodology Behind a Digital Transformation Project G1L106 TBC

The workshops should finish on time in order to give time for delegates to return to their accommodation before meeting at Greenwich Pier at 19.00 for the river cruise.