Lean Coffee

Lean Coffee is your chance to have a structured but informal chat with fellow delegates about the topics you’re most interested in.

In the session, you’ll work with each other to democratically set an agenda for a group discussion.

We’ll have a few different rooms divided by topics for discussion. You’ll pick a room based on a topic you’re interested in talking about.

Once everyone has chosen a room, the discussion is conducted as follows:

  1. Everyone in each room thinks of a few things they would like to discuss around the topic and writes each idea on a post-it note.
  2. The group reviews each idea, working to group together similar topics, clarify any unclear post-its and de-duplicate.
  3. Everyone gets to vote on the ideas they would like to discuss most.
  4. The top prioritised item gets 5 minutes discussion.
  5. At the end of each 5 minute segment, the group votes whether to stay with the current topic or move to the next-most popular topic.

Each session has a facilitator who will ensure that the session keeps to time. Note that the session must finish promptly at 16.25 to allow time for delegates to move to the workshop sessions, which are held in the same rooms.

Learn more about how Lean Coffee works on the IWMW blog

Room Information

The lean coffee sessions take place at the same time as the vendor-led and staff development sessions: Wednesday 26 June from 15.30-16.25. Delegates are free to chose to attend one of the following sessions or a vendor-led and staff development.

The lean coffee sessions are held in the ground floor of the Stephen Lawrence building.

Topic Room Facilitator
LC1: Accessibility G1L001 Oliver Emberton / Brian Kelly
LC2: Transformation, change and the future G1L002 Claire Gibbons
LC3: Content G1L006 Nicola Parry
LC4: Community building and collaboration G1L007 Kat Husbands
LC5: User experience G1L009 Rob Ryder-Richardson
LC6: Ways of working G1L010 Gemma Wilks
LC7: No set topic- anything goes! G1L011 Lauren Tormey

Note that the sessions should finish on time so that delegates can move to their workshop session on time.