Lightning Talks

Got something you’d like to say? Perhaps a gripe or a success. Or something you’d like to share with others?

If you can keep it to 4 minutes (or even shorter) you have the opportunity to give a lightning talk!

We’re particularly keen on encouraging people who haven’t spoken at IWMW before, or maybe haven’t even been to IWMW before, to share their experiences, thoughts and ideas with the, very encouraging, IWMW audience in a fast-paced but informal style.

No slides, no gimmicks, just your story in four minutes or less.

Please contact one of the event organisers (Claire Gibbons – who is the session chair – or Brian Kelly if you’d like to speak).

Go on – give it a go!

Session summary

Summary of the Lightning Talks

Speaker: Tim Prichard, Squiz
Topic: Progressive Web Applications
Abstract: TBC
Video: Available on Youtube

Speaker: Graham Bird, Cardiff University
Topic: UX on a shoestring
Abstract: Three practical ways to do user research and testing with no resource.
Video: Available on Youtube

Speaker: Charlotte Brewer, University of Bristol
Topic: My accessibility journey
Abstract: Accessibility is a thing – We all need to make content that is usable for everyone. This talk charts my realisation of this fact and the work I have done to spread the message.
Video: Available on Youtube

Speaker: Lauren Tormey, University of Edinburgh
Topic: Empower your younger colleagues to speak at conferences
Abstract: Lauren Tormey gave a lightning call to action to managers to encourage their younger staff members to come and speak at events like IWMW. Lauren shared her own experience of facilitating a workshop at IWMW 2017 when she was 24, and how important it was to receive support from her manager in getting her to believe she had something of value to say.
Video: Available on Youtube

Speaker: Willow Colios, Leeds Trinity University
Topic: How do you draw Yoga?
Abstract: When we design websites, apps and user interfaces or make content for them, what we are really doing is trying to communicate with users.
This talk look at what QuickDraw AI, a web app made with google machine learning, can teach us about how we communicate with users.
As well as showcasing my terrible doodling skills, it looks at the concept of Characteristic Cues and references research on the impact of icon styles on usability.

Video: Available on Youtube