About IWMW

IWMW, the Institutional Web Management Workshop, is the premier event for the UK's higher educational web management community.

The annual 3-day event provides opportunities for those with responsibilities for managing institutional web services and related digital channels to learn from case studies, hear about innovative approaches and share and discuss challenges in managing institutional web services.

The event attracts core members of institutional Web teams such as developers, designers, content creators and managers. This year the event will also seek to attract policy makers and senior managers with responsibilities for facilitating organisational change.

Key features of IWMW events include:

  • Opportunity to hear case studies from other university web teams
  • Contributions from others outside the higher education sector
  • Workshops which enable all participants to discuss topics of interest
  • Social events which provide opportunities to chat to peers and develop professional networks

To get a feel for previous IWMW events you can visit the web sites for:

  • IWMW 2016 held at Liverpool John Moores University
  • IWMW 2015 held at Edge Hill University
  • IWMW 2014 held at University of Northumbria

About IWMW 2017

IWMW 2017 was held at the University of Kent on 11-13 July 2017. The theme for the event was “It’s The End Of The Institution As We Know It (And We Feel Fine)“.

The event is organised by Brian Kelly at UK Web Focus together with the University of Kent with support provided by an advisory group.


The following companies and individuals sponsored the IWMW 2017 event:

Precedent; TERMINALFOUR; Funnelback; Squiz; Zengenti; WP Engine; Headscape and
Adrian Tribe


Images of the University of Kent on the home page are taken from Wikipedia. Other images on this web site have been taken by members of the IWMW community.

Workshop Content

Plenary Talks

The following plenary talks were held:

  1. The UK’s European University in a Time of Brexit
  2. Having a Good Crisis…and Not Wasting It
  3. High Sights, High Standards
  4. Making Digital Change Happen
  5. You Touched It Last: Designing Governance for Devolved Institutions
  6. Realising the Vision of a Single Source of Course Information
  7. Oxford Mosaic – A Web Publishing Platform for the Future
  8. Building a Digital Publishing Platform
  9. Students as Humans: Understanding and Segmenting the Real Student Experience
  10. 5 Conversion Techniques that Higher Ed Can Learn From eCommerce
  11. How to Win Over Your Colleagues and Make Life Easier
  12. Building a Collaborative Culture in an Institution
  13. The Life Academic
  14. Student Life

Master Classes

The following master classes took place:

  1. Working in an Agile way – Content Creation, Delivery and Standards (Redux)
  2. Social Media & Paid Advertising- How to Use Them Corporately
  3. A Communications Infrastructure for the UK HE Digital Community
  4. Leadership, Governance and Change: Top Tips for Navigating the Chaos
  5. AI and Data: Evolving the Student Experience
  6. A Roundtable Discussion: How Do You Start Without Knowing Where You’re Going?
  7. Transition to WordPress
  8. Search “More than Ten Blue Links”


The following workshops were held:

  1. User Testing – A Toolkit
  2. Create Effective Content Quickly With Pair Writing
  3. Making Web and Digital Work For Your Students
  4. A Practical Guide to How We Built a Self-Documenting Digital Pattern Library
  5. Reviving Our Online Brand
  6. The Sixty Minute (Data Dashboard) Makeover – in 1 hour 30 minutes!
  7. Open Campus – Using Virtual Tours to Engage With ALL Your Audiences
  8. EA (Enterprise Architecture) in an Agile Context
  9. Data: The Most Untapped Resource in your Student Retention Strategy
  10. How To Be A Productivity Ninja

Event Summary

Location: University of Kent
Date: 11-13 July 2017
Length: 3 days
Cost: £400
No. of plenary talks: 14
No. of plenary speakers: 17
Gender ratios: 12 M (71%) and 5 F (29%)
No. of workshop sessions: 18
No. of workshop facilitators: 28
Gender ratios: 21 M (75%) and 7 F (25%)
No. of participants: 139
Total length of sessions: 3.75+(3.5+3.5)+3.5=14.25 hours
Delegate contact time: 14.25*139= 1,980.75 delegate hours

About The Programme

The IWMW 2017 programme consists of plenary talks, workshop sessions and master classes.

The plenary talks address the event theme of “It’s The End Of The Institution As We Know It (And We Feel Fine)“:

The End Of The World?: The opening  two plenary talks addressed the challenges institutions currently face.

We Feel Fine (Governance Issues): This session explored how institutions are addressing challenges through governance issues.

We Feel Fine (Tools and Technologies): In this session speakers summarised tools and technologies used to support large-scale institutional web services.

We Feel Fine (Understanding Our Users): This session explored how institutions can understanding the real student experience.

We Feel Fine (Working With The Wider Sector): The first session on the third and final day provided insights from the wider community.

We Feel Fine (The Core Community): The final session looked at the core communities we serve: staff and students and those those responsible for supporting those communities.

This year’s event is the 21st in the series. This event, founded in 1997, is the longest-running event for university web teams around the world!