We are pleased to announce that the programme for the IWMW 2019 event is now available.

The IWMW 2019 event, the 23rd in the series of the annual Institutional Web Management Workshop events, will take place at the University of Greenwich on 25-27 June.

The theme of this year’s event is Times They Are A-Changin’.

The opening day of the event will feature plenary talks which will reflect on the “Changing Times Across the Institution, the Sector … and for Future Audiences”.

As described in the abstract for Martyn Taylor’s opening talk:

We find ourselves in a period of rapid change and turbulence, wracked by adverse geopolitical and demographic headwinds. During periods of such uncertainty our ability to drive digital innovation and collaborate effectively can be a source of enduring competitive advantage.

In the talk, Martyn Edwards, Associate Director of Marketing, Recruitment and International at Swansea University, will described the concept of “Collective Genius – how to nurture a sustainable creative culture“.

The second talk of the day Paul Jackson, BBC Design & Engineering will suggest approaches to providing user experiences for future users of our digital services. But rather than looking at the needs of school children who will be familiar with social media, the talk on “Deceptively Simple – Designing a voice experience for an audience that is still learning to speak” will describe “a voice experience that aims to be immersive and engaging, yet simple enough for a three year old to use“.

In the third plenary talk of the opening day Ayala Gordon, Head of Digital at the University of Southampton addresses more immediate issues: “Your big digital transformation project has been approved, now what?“.

Issues addressed on the second day include “Institutional Perspectives on Changing Times”, “A Constant in Changing Times: Users!” and “Beyond The Institution“.

On the final day plenary talks will explore the challenges of “Delivering Digital” and will conclude on the topic of “Web Strategies“.

In addition to the plenary talks there will also be workshop sessions and lightning talks, together with a number of innovations to this year’s programme, which will be described in a follow-up post on the IWMW blog.

Note that the IWMW 2019 event will cost £420 which includes 2 nights’ accommodation. Online bookings will open shortly.