Lightning Talks

Got something you’d like to say? Perhaps a gripe or a success. Or something you’d like to share with others?

If you can keep it to 4 minutes (or even shorter) you have the opportunity to give a lightning talk!

We’re encouraging people who haven’t spoken at IWMW before, or maybe haven’t even been to IWMW before, to share their experiences, thoughts and ideas with the, very encouraging, IWMW audience in a fast-paced but informal style.

No slides, no gimmicks, just your story in four minutes or less.

Please contact one of the event organisers (Claire Gibbons – who is the session chair – or Brian Kelly if you’d like to speak).

Go on – give it a go!


  • Title: Lightning Talks
  • Type: Plenary
  • Hashtag: #P5
  • Speakers: Hannah Love (University of Leeds), Mark Fendley (University of Kent), Kevin Mears (University of South Wales), Rob Fowles (University of Derby), Carley Hollis (University of St Andrews) and Paul Bradley (eQAfy)
  • Date and time: 12.00-12.30 on Thursday 12 July 2018
  • Venue: Main lecture theatre (SLB/118)

Summary of the Lightning Talks

Brief summaries of the lightning talks are given below.

Speaker: Hannah Love, University of Leeds
Topic: Saying ‘No’
Sometimes we need to say ‘no’ to requests as they are first presented. Helping colleagues work through their problem and other ways to solve it, and understanding the challenges they face and sharing user insights can help you negotiate an answer to which you can all say ‘yes’.

Speaker: Kevin Mears, University of South Wales
Topic: Why you can and should draw
Kevin has drawn at varying levels for many, many years, in this talk he talked passionately about how everyone can draw well enough for it to be worth doing, and evangelised the positive benefits of drawing.

Speaker: Carley Hollis, University of St Andrews
Topic: Benefits of sharing knowledge and expertise: a case study from the University of St Andrews.
One of the biggest strengths of working in digital in higher education is the community of peers available across the UK. Whether you build your network through attending IWMW, participating in the HE Digital Slack channel, asking for mentorship or building a regional group of local peers, there is so much to be gained by sharing our knowledge and our expertise. Find out how this has worked for the University of St Andrews.

Speaker: Mark Fendley, University of Kent
Topic: When purchasing a CMS stalls, build your own!
CMSes have been a talking point of IWMW for years. We finally jumped on the bandwagon, and part way through the wheels fell off. We dusted ourselves down, surveyed the wreckage, and went a different route. Now our home-built CMS is in the hands of real users building sites which will launch this year. Enterprise is often, but not always the answer. More news to come as we continue our journey…!

Speaker: Rob Fowles, University of Derby
Video: Not available

Speaker: Paul Bradley eQafy
Topic: How and why would you rank UX, governance and technology in urgency and importance to solve?
We help higher education institutions manage the risks their website infrastructure, or web estates, create. Typically, we find issues about an institution’s web estate fall into three clusters: user experience, governance and technology. How and why would you rank UX, governance and technology in urgency and importance to solve?