Resurrecting the Content King

What kills great user experience? Bad content.

What makes good design pointless? Bad content.

What’s time consuming, takes lots of resource and is hard to get right? Good content.

The number one reason visitors come to your website? Content.

In a world where “new technologies and channels of communication are emerging at a rapid rate”, how do we keep sight of what really counts to our users? When managing bigger projects and wider ranging stakeholders how do we reintroduce content at the start of the process?

This talk will explore the problems facing digital teams when trying to ensure content is considered up front in every project. It will cover the challenges caused by content management systems that make editing content so simple people forget how important it is, and stakeholders who are so seduced by design that they think a snazzy layout is the solution to every user need.

I propose that we get back to basics when it comes to content. I’ll discuss how we might solve this problem and what in-house digital teams can do to help stakeholders see the value in interesting, relevant and timely content that doesn’t just sit on your site and wait to be found.


  • Title: Resurrecting the Content King
  • Type: Plenary
  • Hashtag: #P10
  • SpeakerJenni Taylor, Cardiff University
  • Date and time: 11.15-11.45 on Friday 13 July 2018
  • Venue: Main lecture theatre