Student Recruitment Enquiries in CRM

This talk will look at how the University of Aberdeen triage student recruitment enquiries. We have put in place a dedicated enquiry room with staff triaging incoming enquiries and in this session will present how we are funnelling enquiries from a variety of sources to the correct team.

We’ll look at how we are advancing our practices to leverage the power of CRM, in handling and triaging enquiries, and how the data from an enquiry is used to communicate the most relevant content, to recipients, via the most suitable method.


  • Title: Student Recruitment Enquiries in CRM
  • Type: Plenary
  • Hashtag: #P8
  • Speaker: Megan McFarlane and Mike McConnell, University of Aberdeen
  • Date and time: 09.45-10.15 on Friday 13 July 2018
  • Venue: Main lecture theatre (SLB/118)