Jenni Taylor

As Deputy Head of Digital Communications at Cardiff University Jenni Taylor leads a team of 10 digital content producers responsible for content across the University’s external website and intranet.

The team create engaging web content for a variety of audiences and provide expert training and support for devolved web authors across the institution. They have developed a strong content governance model with quality assurance and author support at the heart of what they do, enabling stakeholders to communicate effectively across all digital channels.

The team work on a range of projects across Cardiff University’s digital estate and act as expert consultants to both Academic Schools and Professional Services. Currently the team is working to reduce the number of devolved web authors, improve digital marketing capabilities and create a sustainable model of working in an continually challenging environment.

Jenni has spoken at previous HE and digital events. She likes dogs, Jeff Goldblum and decaffeinated tea. She dislikes unnecessary capital letters.

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Plenary Talk

Jenni Taylor gave a plenary talk on “Resurrecting the Content King” from 11.15-11.45 on Friday 13 July 2018