Adopting Agile Under the Radar

This master class has been cancelled due to illness.

The interest in Agile has never been higher. Agile promises to do more with less. It promises faster delivery and greater quality, with a focus on user need and business value. That all sounds great, but where do you start, especially if there is no budget or support from management?

At the University of St Andrews., we’ve been there. Over a period of eight years at the University of St Andrews, we went from using no formal project management methodology, through adopting a few Agile and XP practices, to now using the full DSDM Agile project management framework for managing the whole lifecycle of a project.

Our adoption of Agile wasn’t a big bang event but a steady drip-feed. Little by little we adopted Agile under the radar until we proved its value and won management support.

In this masterclass we will give you ideas about how to start using Agile practices straight away to continuously improve how you work. This will be a practical, hands-on experience putting some of what we talk about into practice during the session. You will come away with a better understanding of the Agile landscape and a lot of practical tools and techniques.


  • Title: Adopting Agile Under the Radar
  • Type: Masterclass
  • Hashtag: #B4
  • Speaker: Gareth Saunders, University of St Andrews
  • Date and time: 14.45-17.30 on Thursday 12 July 2018
  • Venue: Seminar room