In a Nutshell: Photography for the Web

This session has been cancelled due to the low number of bookings

Photography can be somewhat of a minefield. Especially when it comes to selecting decent photos for your digital platforms.

This session will cover the basics to get you thinking about the kind of imagery you should (or could) be using on your website.

We’ll cover:

  • brand, context and relevance
  • crop, size, quality and dimensions
  • sourcing photos
  • web vs print
  • good and bad examples
  • kit and software


  • Title: In a Nutshell: Photography for the Web
  • Type: Workshop
  • Hashtag: #A2
  • Facilitator: Gemma Wilks, University of Nottingham
  • Date and time: 16.30-17.30, Wednesday 26 June 2019