Ayala Gordon

Ayala Gordon is Head of Digital at the University of Southampton, a research-intensive University and a founding member of the Russell Group, United Kingdom.

Ayala is a digital marketing practitioner who spent the past 20 years working in both in-house, freelance and agency-side roles before joining the University of Southampton in 2017 to lead a multidisciplinary team of experts.

Under Ayala’s leadership, the University of Southampton committed in 2018 to undertake a content first digital transformation project.

Further information

  • Job title: Head of Digital, University of Southampton
  • Email: A.Gordon@soton.ac.uk
  • Digital team blog: www.southampton.ac.uk/blog/digitalteam
  • Institutional web site: www.southampton.ac.uk

Ayala was a speaker at the IWMW 2018 event.

Plenary talk

Ayala gave a plenary talk on “Your Big Digital Transformation Project Has Been Approved, Now What?“.