The IWMW event was a pioneer “amplified conference” and our tradition of amplifying the speaker’s voice and the voice of the audience continues.

Event hashtags

The hashtags for the event, for use on Twitter and elsewhere, is #iwmw19. In addition, each session has its own hashtag which should be used in conjunction with the event hashtag (#P0 – #P15; #A1 – #A11, etc.)


Twitter is particularly useful in discussions about the content of the event, and tweets contain the hashtags will be aggregated after the event e.g. see the Wakelet archives for the opening talk at IWMW 2018.

Note the @iwmw (general IWMW related matters) and @iwmwlive (tweets about the plenary talks) Twitter accounts will be used by IWMW personal during the event. We will seek to respond to messages sent to @iwmw.

If you use Twitter to support your professional activities we suggest you follow these accounts.

HE Digital Slack

For several years the UK higher education’s digital community has made use of the HE Digital Slack group. Since 2017 a dedicated HE Digital channel has been set up for focussed discussion about the event, and this will continue this year.

For those who are new to Slack a page about the HE Digital group is available on the IWMW web site.