Writing Well for the Web [B8]

This master class, an abridged version of Zengenti’s one-day course, will take you through:

  • Finding and making your point
  • Bringing your users with you
  • Keeping your voice active and consistent
  • Some grammar basics – it won’t hurt
  • Tips for hacking your writing processes

The session facilitators are Zach Beauvais, Head of Content & Communities and Ryan Bromley, Digital Marketing Executive, both at Zengenti.

  • Title: Writing Well for the Web
  • Type: Master class (interactive session which lasts for 2.5 hours)
  • Hashtag: #B8
  • Facilitators: Zach Beauvais and Ryan Bromley
  • Date and time: 14.45-17.30 on Wednesday 22 June 2016