Details of the parallel workshop sessions are given below. These sessions will take place from 16.00-17.30 on Tuesday 21 June 2016. Participants can choose to attend one of the parallel sessions. The preferred session should be selected using the online registration form when you book for the event.

A1: Migrating People to a New CMS

Facilitated by Bruce Darby, Rachel Bhandari and Billy Wardrop, University of Edinburgh. See the abstract.

A2: Digital Fire Fighting

Facilitated by Stephen Evans, St Andrews University. See the abstract.

A3: Leadership 101 – Top Tips for Steering the Ship Through the Seas of Change

Facilitated by Claire Gibbons, University of Bradford. See the abstract.

A4: 10 Years of a Web Team of One: the Lessons Learnt

Facilitated by Ian St John, University of St Mark & St John. See the abstract.

A5: University News Made Digital

Facilitated by Carley Hollis, University of St Andrews. See the abstract. Cancelled due to speaker unavailability.

A6: Rich Media Content: How to Maximise User Impact

Facilitated by Vicky Hayhurst. See the abstract.

A7: Real-world Natural Language Processing for Higher Education

Facilitated by Gordon Grace. See the abstract.

A8: 3600 Virtual Tours as a Communications and Marketing Tool

Facilitated by Tom Kershaw. See the abstract. Cancelled due to speaker unavailability.

A9: Design a Content Strategy to Optimise Engagement With International Users

Facilitated by Dr. Miao He. See the abstract.

A10: Debunking the Myths of WordPress & External Hosting

Facilitated by Jon Bird, WPengine. See the abstract.