Prototyping the Digital University

Prototyping digital services. It’s an approach that many of us would like to adopt. So why in practice is it often so difficult to get any further than a few wireframes and page mockups? With reference to a case study of the University of Hull’s experiences, we will explore some of the questions that inevitably arise when you attempt to prototype complex websites that need to support many different user journeys. We will address the challenges of selling prototyping to senior management and some of the strategies for overcoming those challenges. We will explore approaches to assembling a team, setting up a working environment and organising a project. The Government Digital Service may have established some great working practices, but in the real world of under-resourced, overloaded university web/digital teams such practices are frequently impossible to implement “by the GDS book”. We will explore the art of the possible and look at how you can deliver valuable outcomes with limited time and resources. Finally, we will review how, by using prototyping, the University of Hull has progressed in terms of digital team knowledge, user testing and stakeholder engagement.




  • Title: Prototyping the Digital University
  • Type: Plenary
  • Hashtag: #P7
  • Speaker: Chris Scott and Anja Hazebroek
  • Date and time: 11.45-12.15 on Wednesday 22 June 2016