Migrating People to a New CMS [A1]

Developing a new Content Management System is one thing. Doing it at the same time as migrating content from the old system makes it a rather more challenging undertaking. This workshop will focus on the human side of the project rather than the just the technical aspects of building the CMS.

There will be plenty of opportunity for questions but more importantly room for discussion with a set of dilemmas to ‘solve’, for example: Is the best approach to website migration to start at the bottom and finish with the top level homepage? Do you agree or disagree? How did you or how would you handle your migration? Bring your experience and opinions with you! In the spirit of democracy we’ll take a vote on these and build the perfect migration.

The workshop will cover how we approached this formidable task:

  • How we planned and scheduled the migration of over 300 websites with 100 lead publishers and the pitfalls we avoided.
  • How we coordinated CMS development alongside migration without bringing the live site to its knees.
  • Our approach to the migration – from the bottom of the site upwards and why.
  • The liaison process and how we kept our devolved editorial community on side.
  • The investment in support and training and the time savings this gave us.
  • The technical advice we gave and examples of the wide ranging bespoke development we undertook at speed and under pressure.

  • Title: Migrating People to a New CMS
  • Type: Workshop
  • Hashtag: #A1
  • Facilitators: Bruce Darby and Rachel Bhandari
  • Date and time: 16.00-17.30 on Tuesday 21 June 2016

Rachel Bhandari