Digital Governance: Tools and Practices for Managing the Content Chaos [B7]

Managing digital presence in higher education is an effort to operate effectively in a steady state of controlled chaos. Primary contributing factors to this lack of control are:

  • High volumes of content – web managers in higher education are constantly fighting a relentless battle against outdated content, broken links and diluted brand.
  • Decentralized publishing model – high number of amateur and part-time content editors, combined with limited training result in compromised content quality.
  • Collegial decision-making – if only 20 out of 78 colleges attend a meeting to sign off critically important content (as reported by one of the respondents in our study), the content approval process faces a bottleneck with no agreed way forward.

In this session Marianne Kay will outline a digital governance model that suits the needs of a higher educational institution. Marianne will talk about establishing and enforcing processes and policies that bring back a degree of control, aid operational efficiency, and keep web managers sane.

Marianne will cover:

  • Leadership: the role of vision and strategy in establishing effective digital governance.
  • Technology: market overview of digital governance tools and vendors.
  • People: investments in people required to make technology, processes and policies work.
  • Content audits: content publishing is never a ‘done job’.
  • Building a business case for digital governance.

This session is based on findings from the extensive primary research conducted by Digital Clarity Group in late 2015 – early 2016, called Digital Transformation in Higher Education: How Content Management Technologies and Practices Are Evolving in the Era of Experience Management. The research comprised inputs from leaders and content practitioners at higher educational institutions in the UK and in the US, technology vendors serving higher education customers and service providers that are active in the higher education vertical.

  • Title: Digital Governance: Tools and Practices for Managing the Content Chaos
  • Type: Master class (interactive session which lasts for 2.5 hours)
  • Hashtag: #B5
  • Facilitator: Marianne Kay
  • Date and time: 14.45-17.30 on Wednesday 22 June 2016