Building a New University Website – an Agile Content Case Study

At the University of Bath, the digital products and services we work on aren’t one-off projects – they’re live and need constant improvement and maintenance.

To meet this challenge we use an Agile approach to content design and development.

12 months into our programme of work to build a new website, I’ll talk you through our successes, share the challenges we’ve faced and explain how we overcame them.


  • The slides are no longer available on Slideshare.
  • A video recording of the talk is available on Youtube and embedded below.


  • Title: Building the New – an Agile Content Case Study
  • Type: Plenary
  • Hashtag: #P4
  • Speaker: Rich Prowse
  • Date and time: 09.45-10.15 on Wednesday 22 June 2016