Agile Usability Testing [B1]

When you’ve got a wide range of options to improve a system or a website (or indeed a lot of voices calling for a range of features), you need a way to easily and collaboratively identify where to spend your time and effort. What will bring most benefit to most users? What would be the best ROI for your efforts?

Neil Allison will run through two techniques used by the University of Edinburgh Website Programme to great effect over a number of years:

  1. Top task / top issue prioritisation
  2. Collaborative usability testing

The session will run through how to set up and execute these research methods and how to quickly analyse the results.

It will include a practical activity in which the group will work together to log and prioritise usability issues for a familiar website.

Attendees will leave with practical experience of two very quick and easy prioritisation techniques, and all the resources they need to try them out for themselves.

  • Title: Agile Usability Testing
  • Type: Master class (interactive session which lasts for 2.5 hours)
  • Hashtag: #B1
  • Speaker: Neil Allison
  • Date and time: 14.45-17.30 on Wednesday 22 June 2016
  • Room requirements: PC to have software that plays standard video formats and audio. Cabaret style room setup as attendees will work in small groups.