IWMW 2018 Event Overview

Plenary Sessions

A plenary session is one that all delegates attend together. These include the event welcome from Brian Kelly and other members of the Advisory Group, plenary talks (there are eight of these), the panel session and the lightning talks, which are new for this year.

These take place in the lecture theatre in the Spring Lane building.

Access to the lecture theatre is from the first floor using the back entrance. Delegates are able to leave through the exit to the front for refreshments or the next session.

Asking Questions

Note that we encourage questions for the plenary talks, if time is available. The session chair will moderate questions. In order that everyone can hear the questions, including those who may be watching the live video stream. please make use of a roving microphone if you wish to ask a question.

The Parallel Sessions

A number of parallel sessions will be held at the event: workshops and masterclasses. These take place in seminar rooms in the Spring Lane Building around the outside of the Spring Lane Building atrium . Each door will have the workshop/masterclass clearly marked on it. The rooms (SLB/001-SLB/006 and SLB/101-SLB/102) each have a capacity of 20. Your workshop and masterclass codes will be marked on your delegate badge which you will receive when you register.


Workshops will take place on the afternoon of the first day, Wednesday 11 July, from 16:15 to 17:45. There were eight to choose from and you will have chosen your workshop when you registered for the event.

The following workshops will be held on Wednesday 11 July 2018 from 16:15-17:45:

A1: Yorkie Bars, Jammie Dodgers & Seven Other Essentials For Successful Usability Testing A2: Optimising Your Content Management System A3: You’ve Got (Too Much) Mail: Encouraging Self-Service Through Improving Content A4: Solving Problems and Making Friends Using Design Sprints
A5: Content Strategy: A Learning Journey A7: How to Market Something No-one is Searching For A8: Designing Usability Tests to Solve Common Problems A9: Expertise in Your Ears: A Rough Guide to Podcasting


Masterclasses give delegates the opportunity to delve into a particular subject with an expert(s) in the field and the other delegates in the room. The masterclasses take place on Thursday 12 July, from 14:45 to 17:30, which includes a break for coffee. There were seven to choose from and you will have chosen your masterclass when you registered. Your masterclass and workshop session code numbers are shown on your delegate badge.

The following masterclasses will be held on Thursday 12 July 2018 from 14:45-17:30:

B1: Your Digital Activities Need a Governance Framework, Yesterday B2: Digital Training Masterclass B3: How to Overcome Resistance to Build a User-centric Site B5: Customer Journey Mapping
B7: Forever User-Centred, The GDS Way B8: Maximising User Experience with Limited Resource B9: Overcoming SEO Challenges to Optimise Your Website

Lightning Talks

We like to introduce something new at IWMW events. This year we are providing a 30 minute session for lightning talks which takes place on Thursday 12 July from 12.00-12.30. The session is open to all delegates who will have an opportunity to briefly give their thoughts on a topic of interest. This provides an ideal opportunity for those who haven’t spoken at a previous IWMW event to talk for a period of between one and four minutes.

Birds of a Feather Sessions

The breaks and social time can be used for informal gatherings around a specific topic or issue. You don’t need permission – just pick a slot and find a space (perhaps even a working breakfast!). You can let a session chair know if you would like them to announce it. You can also suggest ideas on Twitter or the HE-Digital Slack workspace.