Delegate Logistics 1

This page provides answers to the questions

What Do I Need To Bring With Me?

Here’s some top tips for what to bring with you:

A notebook, pen or other device for capturing notes. Plenary talk slides should be available on SlideShare but you know how you like to capture your thinking and learning, so come prepared to make notes, list your new connections, draw pictures or jot down lots of useful resources for when you get back to the office. If you make ‘sketch notes’ you will be aware of the importance of your notebook! (e.g. see

A portable battery charger. You probably won’t have time to nip back to your room during the day to charge your various devices, so bring along a portable battery charger to stay fully charged so you can tweet your way through the sessions and take loads of pics too!

Comfy shoes. The campus is compact but there will be some walking around and standing up between sessions and in the evenings.

Your ‘elevator pitch’. IWMW delegates are a friendly bunch: they’ll want to know who you are and what you do. Have a few things up your sleeve for when you are asked that all important question (“so, what do you do?”) and be able to quickly and succinctly let other know how awesome you are!

Your opening questions. IWMW is the ideal place to meet colleagues. Take the opportunity to meet someone new and have something up your sleeve to break the ice and get the conversation flowing. Asking about people’s current projects, biggest achievement this year or future plans can help to establish common ground and make new connections.

An open mind. Be willing to share and listen to others and it could be the most valuable few days in your entire year!

A water container. Drinks fountains will be available for you to access fresh drinking water throughout the event.

Money. Refreshments and lunch on day two are provided but you may wish to buy drinks after the dinner and barbecue and take a taxi or bus into town after the evening events.

What Should I Wear?

The IWMW event has a casual dress code so whatever you feel comfortable in. The evening events are casual too, so no need to dust off the tux or sparkly dress!

Some people like to pop back to halls and get changed before the evening activities, others head straight to the bar or breakout areas and chat away to colleagues that they’ve just met or seen again after a previous IWMW event.

Most activities are indoors but weather-permitting we will hold an outdoor BBQ on the second night, Thursday 12 July.