The call for submissions for talks, workshop sessions and other ideas for IWMW 2018 will open shortly.

Previous Calls For Submission

Links to calls for submission for previous IWMW events are given below:



This year’s event has four main strands: (1) change; (2) challenges; (3) community and (4) champions. We invite submissions for plenary talks and workshop sessions (or other formats such as debates, panel sessions, lightning talks, birds of a feather sessions, etc.) which address these strands.

Submissions are invited which address these strands. Possible topics include but are not restricted to:

Big picture

  • Changing economic, political and funding context

Institutional issues

  • Governance
  • Ownership
  • Strategic developments
  • Organisational change
  • Championing and facilitating change

Information management

  • Content strategies
  • Content Management Systems (CMSs)
  • Ownership of information
  • Multi-channel communications/marketing
  • Single source of information
  • User-generated content (e.g. blogs, wikis, social media services, …) including services themselves and legal, quality and related issues
  • Open content
  • Legal issues
  • Digital preservation
  • Responding to queries


  • Supporting key audiences (students, staff and researchers)
  • Supporting other audiences (media, local community, …)
  • Supporting current, prospective and former audiences
  • Responsibilities in light of changing expectations, “post-truth” environment, …
  • Preparing key audiences for the digital environment beyond the institution
  • Working with new sectors and organisations

User issues

  • User need analysis
  • User experience
  • Usability and accessibility

Technical issues

  • Cloud services
  • Social media
  • Managing non-institutional digital services (self-hosted web sites, blogs, …)
  • Supporting mobile
  • Beyond the web
  • Personalisation and segmentation (delivering different content to different types of student and ensuring that this is done right).
  • SEO
  • Technical innovations (e.g. VR, AI, …)
  • Security and privacy issues


  • Community-building
  • Examples of and evidence of value of community activities
  • Relationship between communications and other institutional services
  • Relationship between communications and academics


  • Demonstrating value
  • Promoting services
  • Outsourcing
  • Dealing with digital agencies
  • Staff development
  • Legal and ethical issues

Who Can Submit Proposals?

Most of the speakers and workshop facilitators at previous event have been practitioners who are members of institutional web and digital teams. There have also been contributions from commercial sponsors of the event (although these should not be product pitches). This year we also welcome submissions from representatives of key user communities (students, academics and researchers).

Submissions from Commercial Sector

Sponsorship opportunities exist for the commercial sector. The sponsorship options include opportunities for plenary talks and workshop sessions as well as opportunities to sponsor conference merchandise and social events. If you wish to discuss possible sponsorship options please contact Brian Kelly (email ukwebfocus@gmail.com) or Claire Gibbons (email planetclairegibbons@googlemail.com), the IWMW 2017 co-chairs. Note simple product pitches are not accepted.

Submitting Your Proposal

Submissions can be made using the online form or by email.  If you send a proposal by email it should include:

  • Draft title and brief abstract
  • Proposed format plenary talk; workshop; panel; debate …
  • Your details (your name, institution, role, knowledge of IWMW events)
  • Relevance to event strands: change; challenges; community and champions.

Note if you wish to discuss a possible proposal (in particular if you have not spoken at an IWMW event previously) you may wish to discuss your idea with the event co-chairs: Brian Kelly (email: ukwebfocus@gmail.com) and Claire Gibbons (email: planetclairegibbons@googlemail.com) or a member of the advisory group.

Speakers and workshop facilitators will have a reduced fee for attendance at the 3-day events which covers all social events. Speakers and workshop facilitators who are not directly involved in institutional web management can attend the day of their session free-of-charge.


We welcome proposals for:

  • Plenary talks, which typically last for 45 minutes
  • Workshop sessions, which typically last for 90 minutes. The workshop sessions should provide an opportunity for all workshop participants to engage actively with the topics covered in the session.
  • Masterclasses, which last for half a day. These longer workshop sessions provide annual time for participants to engage actively with the topics covered in the session.

In addition to these areas we also invite proposals which may use other formats such as:

  • Panel sessions, in which speakers address a shared topic.
  • Debates, in which speakers argue for and against a motion.

Other ideas are also welcomed.

Your submission should contain the following information:

  • The proposed title of the talk or sessions.
  • A brief abstract.
  • For workshop sessions, a summary of how the session would be made interactive, with all participants able to contribute.
  • Other relevant information which will help the IWMW 2017 organisers to decide if the proposal is relevant and appropriate for the event.