Call for Submissions

The call for submissions for talks, workshop sessions and other ideas for the IWMW 2015 event was announced on 3 March 2015..

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Those who have not attended IWMW events previously may find it helpful to view the web site for recent IWMW events:

IWMW 2014

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We welcome proposals for:

  • Plenary talks, which typically last for 45 minutes
  • Workshop sessions, which typically last for 90 minutes. The workshop sessions should provide an opportunity for all workshop participants to engage actively with the topics covered in the session.

In addition to these areas we also invite proposals which may use other formats such as:

  • Panel sessions, in which speakers address a shared topic.
  • Debates, in which speakers argue for and against a motion.

Other ideas are also welcomed.

Submitting Your Proposal

If you submit a proposal please send an email message to or use the online submission form. The event chairperson, Brian Kelly, will be happy to discuss possible proposals, but an initial approach should be made by email.

Your submission should contain the following information:

    • The proposed title of the talk or sessions.
    • A brief abstract.
    • For workshop sessions, a summary of how the session would be made interactive, with all participants able to contribute.
    • Other relevant information which will help the IWMW 2015 organisers to decide if the proposal is relevant and appropriate for the event.


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