Following the recent posts on “IWMW 2019: Participants’ Feedback” and “IWMW 2019: Feedback on the Plenary Talks” this post provides a summary of the feedback received for the parallel workshop and lean coffee session held at the IWMW 2019 event.

Changes for IWMW 2019

Following feedback we received from IWMW 2018 we made a number of changes to the format of the parallel sessions for the IWMW 2019 event:

  • We decided not to host the 3 hour long masterclass sessions.
  • Workshops were shortened from 90 minutes to 1 hours.
  • We introduced a series of ‘lean coffee’ sessions, the format of which provided a mechanism for ensuring that delegates could set the agenda for the discussions

About the Workshop Sessions

A total of 9 workshop sessions were held from 16.30-17.30 on the second day of the IWMW 2019 event, with a further three vendor-led / staff development sessions taking place from 15.30-16.25 on the same day.

The workshop sessions were:

A3: Cascading Style Guides: Finding Evidence For Editorial Best Practice A4: Your Digital Activities Need a Governance Framework, YesterdayA5: Design Sprints and Customer Journey Mapping
A6: Preservation and deletion of websitesA7: Trying to Understand Higher Education Digital EcosystemsA8: Is Your Data Lying to You?
A9: Future-proofing Your Content: Brexit and BeyondA10: Curating Digital Quality across all 100 UK Universities A11: The Methodology Behind a Digital Transformation Project

The vendor-led / staff development workshop sessions were:

B1: Beyond Search: How to Realise the Value of your DataB2: Happiness for leaders: positive psychology and science of well-beingB3: All the pieces matter – getting started with structured content

The following comments on the workshop sessions were made:

  • Really enjoyed this session, the team from Dundee were great at answering questions as were manifesto.
  • Great to hear about such a massive project and how they had overcome challenges.
  • Good to hear about another project.
  • Very useful to place our institution’s progress in this area compared to others, and really good to hear about alternatives to our (almost non-existent) strategy
  • Claire was a great facilitator for the workshop and it was very comforting to hear that everyone is largely in the same boat when it comes to digital governance in their institutions.
  • Such a fun and engaging session.
  • Hoping to attend one of Rob’s design sprint days with a few other IWMW folk soon!
  • I ran this session and was pleased with the number of people that came and their engagement. We could probably have spent another 30mins just answering questions for people.
  • Very useful tips that I will be taking forward in our Analytics account – good to know we’re also doing some things right!
  • Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Claire is a fantastic presenter, and she’s given me the beginnings of a service manual, which I *am* going to create before Christmas.
  • I ran it, so unfair to rate it! But thought it went well from my perspective.
  • Learned some tips from the session – I liked the way the speaker demonstrated how to use tag manager to measure on page user engagement.
  • Possibly not the most accurate title for the session, but I enjoyed it and confirmed my understanding of a number of areas.
  • It was interesting. The contents would have been more suited for a plenary, as facilitators had a lot to contribute and share with participants. As a result, there was very little time left for any hands-on workshop type of activity.
  • Perhaps a bit unfocused but highly entertaining as is always the case with Chris
  • Was interesting on how the University intentionally looked to adopt work practices from 3rd party vendors
  • Could have been longer but I have taken away some good areas to begin with
  • Very useful
  • Excellent session, I was aware of design sprints but not the impact they can make. Rob really sold the process. Me and the marketing team hope to embrace this process asap!
  • Not quite what I was hoping for. It was more about ways of working with agencies, rather than specifically about transformation. There also wasn’t really much of a workshop aspect to this, it was mainly a talk followed by a few minutes of questions at the end. The talk itself was well presented, but would have been better as a plenary.
  • Unfortunately, there were only two of us there to begin with. Eventually there was only four delegates in the session. We made the best of it but it was far from ideal for anyone involved. Not sure whether people just didn’t know where to go or what to be honest.
  • Some interesting discussion but not very well organised
  • Unsure of overall point / take aways

About the Lean Coffee sessions

The Lean Coffee sessions provided delegates with the opportunity to have a structured but informal chat with fellow delegates about the topics they were most interested in.

Initially the following topics for the sessions were proposed, but some of these sessions merged:

LC1: AccessibilityLC2: Transformation, change and the futureLC3: Content
LC4: Community building and collaborationLC5: User experienceLC6: Ways of working
LC7: No set topic- anything goes!

The following comments on the lean coffee sessions were made:

  • Enjoyed the format Rob carried out the session in, will be trying that out in future.
  • Really great concept that I’ll v using very soon at UoN. Everyone engaged in discussions. A must for iwmw20 and beyond.
  • Both relevant. Governance gave some practical steps.
  • I like the format of this, topics became a bit broader because we merged, but still a worthwhile exercise.
  • Great fun
  • Interesting and productive discussion, wish we could’ve kept going another half hour. And what a great format! Definitely going to try this.
  • Very vibrant discussion! Great extension to Oliver’s talk as we discussed some of the issues he highlighted, as well as past/present/future of how to tackle this ahead of 2020 [LC1]
  • Really enjoyed the lean coffee session and format itself, but I think there was a bit of confusion about how it was supposed to work / where people were supposed to be. I was the only person who had turned up for the session I had planned to attend [LC4] so that session was combined with a few others that also had a handful of attended.
  • This was even more useful than Oliver’s plenary. So many useful topics raised for discussion, and feeling better prepared for the new regs. [LC1]
  • Good format. A little slow to get going, but a lot of ground covered. [LC1]
  • Great to do something new
  • Great concept as its a great way to see what’s important to other people.
  • I could have stayed at this session much longer