Although the current focus of the IWMW blog is on memories of the institutional web management community looking back at the 20 year history of the IWMW event, this blog will also provide updates on plans for IWMW 2016 which will be held at Liverpool John Moores University on 21-23 June 2016.

Key Themes at IWMW 2016

The theme of this year’s event is “Understanding Users; Managing Change; Delivering Services” and plenary talks on the first two days of the event will address these important areas for those with responsibilities for managing institutional web services and other digital channels, primarily from the perspectives of members of the UK HE sector with these perspectives complemented by a number of talks from speakers from commercial companies which work closely with the HE sector.

In addition to these key themes other plenary talks will address an area of importance to us all (“Web Analytics“); provide perspectives from those working outside the HE sector (“Beyond the Institution“); provide suggestions for handling crises (“When Things Go Wrong!“) and look back at the history of the community and how lessons from the past can help in planning for the future (“Learning … and Planning“).

Additional Workshop Sessions and Master Classes

As well as the plenary talks there will be a number of parallel workshop sessions (lasting for 90 minutes) and master classes (lasting for 2.5 hours). These sessions are designed to be interactive and participatory, providing opportunities for participants to ask questions, share experiences and engage with fellow participants.

Participants will be able to attend one workshop session and one master class.  I’m pleased to be able to announce that for information for a number of additional sessions have been added since the programme was first launched. These are:

  • A master class session on “Digital Governance: Tools and Practices for Managing the Content Chaos” in which Marianne Kay from Digital Clarity Group (one of the IWMW 2016 sponsors) will outline a digital governance model that suits the needs of a higher educational institution.
  • A master class session on “Writing Well for the Web” in which two facilitators from Zengenti (one of the IWMW 2016 sponsors) will provide an abridged version of their one-day course.
  • A workshop session on “Design a Content Strategy to Optimise Engagement With International Users” in which Dr Miao He, Digital Editor for Internationalisation at the University of Bath, will describe how engaging effectively with international users means innovation in storytelling, layering the users’ experience with high quality writing and timely syndicating content on multiple digital channels.
  • A workshop session on “Rich Media Content: How to Maximise User Impact” in which Vicky Hayhurst from Revolution Viewing (one of the IWMW 2016 sponsors) will describe research carried out with Leeds University Business School which has established how influential different types of rich media (videos, 360s, virtual tours / virtual open days) are when used at key points in the student recruitment cycle, from enquirer to applicant to enrolled student.
  • A workshop session on “Debunking the Myths of WordPress & External Hosting” in which Jon Bird from WP Engine (one of the IWMW 2016 sponsors) is working with universities such as the University of Northampton to help make the shift from costly customised solutions to open source WordPress.

The Full IWMW 2016 Programme

IWMW2016 Lanyrd pageThe IWMW 2016 web site provides access to the event timetable, details of the plenary talks, workshops and master classes and speaker biographical details.

Information on accommodation is also available (note that this year participants will need to book their own accommodation, but there is a wide variety of affordable accommodation available in Liverpool city centre).

Note that in addition to the IWMW 2016 web site information about the event is also available on the IWMW 2016 Lanyrd entry (NOTE the Lanyrd service was subsequently withdrawn from service). As a social directory for events, the Lanyrd site provides additional social information, including links to speakers’ LinkedIn profiles and information on other events they have spoken at. The Lanyrd service isn’t just for speakers, however, and event attendees can also add their details for events they have attended or are interested in.

Lanyrd entries have been created for all of the previous IWMW events, with complete information provided on the schedules, abstracts and speaker profiles as well as links to resources about previous events, slideshows, reports, Twitter archives, etc. If you have attended an IWMW event previously why not add your details to the relevant IWMW page?

Social Events

Merseyside Maritime MuseumAlthough the workshop content will provide the main justification for attending the IWMW 2016 event, IWMW events have also emphasised the importance of cultivating one’s professional networks, with opportunities provided for facilitating networking opportunities.

As IWMW 2016 is the 20th in the series, we have taken this opportunity to push the boat out (pun intended!) by providing a particularly special social event on the opening evening – a conference dinner at the Merseyside Maritime Museum. As can be seen from the accompanying image (taken from the @MerseyMaritime Twitter stream) the meal will be held in an amazing building located on the Albert Docks, with the meal being held on the fourth floor of the building.

On the second evening of the IWMW event we have always provided free time for delegates to choose their own location for eating and drinking. This year we will be continuing this tradition, and we will be providing suggestions for suitable restaurants, which will include restaurants and bars ion the Albert Dock. We will also suggest a pub with large function room as a meeting place after eating for those who wish to socialise with others.

Still Time to Book A Place!

The cost for the IWMW 2016 event is £275, which covers attendance at the event, conference dinner at the Merseyside Maritime Museum on the opening night, lunch on the second day, and tea/coffee at the breaks. Note that as mentioned previous this price does not include accommodation.

Online bookings are currently open but we advise booking earlier – in particular so that you are able to select your preferred parallel session!