Venue Details: Rooms

The following rooms are available for the workshop sessions (to be held from 16.00-17.30 on Tuesday 11 July 2017) and master classes (to be held from 14.50-17.30 on Wednesday 12 July).

Table 1 lists rooms used for special purposes.

Table 1: Rooms used for special purposes
No. Room Capacity Link Notes
1 Keynes Lecture Theatre 1 (LT1) 350 [Link] Used for all plenary sessions for 3 days
2 Keynes KS7 [Link] Luggage store. Available on Tues 11 July
and on Thur 13 July
3 Keynes Atrium Foyer [Link] Catering/Sponsors/Exhibition room

Facilities in Lecture Theatres and Seminar Rooms

The lecture theatres and seminar rooms have an LCD SVGA – Fixed Data Projector.

Speakers and facilitators can use their own laptops as all rooms have a VGA cable. However for those who have an Apple Macintosh connectors to connect them to the projector are not available so speakers will have to provide their own.

Plenary Talks

All speakers can make use of the supplied standard PC. The special requests are summarised below. Note that photographs of the main lecture theatre are available.

Table 2: Speaker requirements in main lecture theatre
No. Talk Date and Time Requirements
1 P0: Introduction  to IWMW 2017
(Brian Kelly)
13:45-14:00, Tuesday 11 July Will set up at 13.00
2 P3-P5 09:00-10.40 on Wednesday 12 July Claire Gibbons to chair.
No special requirements
3 P6 (3 speakers); P7 (2 speakers) & P8 (1 speaker) 11:00-12:30 on Wednesday 12 July Andrew Millar to chair.
No special requirements
4 P9: 14:00-14:45 on Wednesday 12 July Bonnie Ferguson to chair.
Speaker may wish to use own PC.
Ppl to m/classes after
5 P10-P12: 09:10-10:40 on Thursday 13 July
6 P13-P15: Mike McConnell to chair 10:40-12:10 on Thursday 13 July
7 P16: Panel session. May need extra chairs. 12:10-12:40 on Thursday 13 July
7 P17: Conclusions 12:40-12.45 on Thursday 13 July

Workshop sessions and master classes: overview of rooms available

Table 3 lists rooms available for workshop sessions and master classes.

Table 3: Rooms available for workshop sessions and master classes
No. Room Capacity Layout Session Hosted
1 Keynes LT1 330 Theatre Main lecture theatre
All plenaries
2 Keynes Atrium Foyer Catering and
Exhibition area
3 Keynes LT5 90 Theatre Host A5 and B2
4 Keynes LT6 90 Theatre Host A4
5 Keynes SR11 32 Classroom Host A9 and B8
6 Keynes SR12 40 Classroom Host A11 and B3
7 Keynes SR13 45 Classroom Host A8 and B7
8 Keynes SR14 45 Classroom Host A10 and B9
9 Keynes SR15 50 Classroom Host A7 and B1
10 Keynes SR16 50 Classroom Host A3 and B4
11 Keynes SR17 50 Classroom Host A1 and B6
11 Keynes KSA1 42 PC Cluster Host A2 (PC room)
12 Keynes KS7 Luggage room

Note there are:

  • 3 lecture theatres
  • 7 classrooms
  • 1 PC cluster

Workshop sessions and master classes: rooms to be used

Table 4 lists the rooms to be used for the 10 workshop sessions taking place on Tuesday 11 July from 16.00-17.30.

Table 4: Rooms for workshop sessions on Tuesday 11 July
No. Room Capacity Nos.
Link Facilitator Session Speaker requirements
(standard PC with PowerPoint if blank)
1 Keynes SR17 50  17 [Link] Alberto Guglielmi, University of Birmingham   [A1]
2 Keynes KSA1 32  11 [Link] Lauren Tormey, University of Edinburgh   [A2] PC cluster. Query re delegate login
3 Keynes SR16 50 20 [Link] Tom Wright, University of Lincoln   [A3] Emailed
4 Keynes LT6 90 11 [Link] Stephen Evans, University of St Andrews   [A4] Happy to use lecture theatre
5 Keynes LT5 90  8 [Link] Jonathan Thirlwell, Matthew Bull and Sam Charman, University of Kent   [A5] Asked re lecture theatre
6 Keynes SR15 50 14 [Link] Marieke Guy, QAA and Jon Rathmill, University of Kent   [A7] Needs flip chart paper, felt tip pens and post it notes
7 Keynes SR13 45 7 [Link] David Oulton and Aldona Gosnell,
University of Edinburgh
8 Keynes SR11 32 12 [Link] Nick Harper, UCAS   [A9]
9 Keynes SR14 45 13 [Link] Adam Frank and Esther Berry, Squiz   [A10]
10 Keynes SR12  40  7 [Link] Lee Garrett, Think Productive   [A11]

Master Class Sessions: Room Requirements

Table 5 lists the rooms to be used for master class sessions taking place on Wednesday 12 July from 14.50-17.30.

Table 5: rooms to be used for master class sessions
No. Room Capacity Nos.
Link Facilitator Session Speaker requirements
(standard PC with PowerPoint if blank)
1 Keynes SR15 50 20 [Link] Rich Prowse, Tom Trentham & Hanna Lorraine, University of Bath   [B1]
2 Keynes LT5 90  9 [Link] Rob Ryder-Richardson, University of Dundee   [B2]
3 Keynes SR12 40  15 [Link] Brian Kelly   [B3]
4 Keynes SR16 52 19 [Link] Claire Gibbons   [B4] Needs flipchart paper for the tables to write on (say 10 sheets) and a flipchart and stand to write on.
5 Keynes SR17 50  19 [Link] Josh Somma, Steph Bradley and Toby Margetts, Squiz   [B6]
6 Keynes SR13 45 19 [Link] Paul Hoskins, Precedent   [B7]
7 Keynes SR11 32  5 [Link] Jon Bird, WP Engine   [B8]
8 Keynes SR14 45 12 [Link] Gordon Grace, Funnelback   [B9]