Recordings of Plenary Talks

Video recordings of the plenary talks given at the IWMW 2017 event are available.

Opening Session: The End Of The World?
Tuesday 11 July 2017, 13.45-15.00

P0: Introduction to IWMW 2017
By Brian Kelly. [Abstract]
P1: The UK’s European University in a Time of Brexit
By Bonnie Ferguson, University of Kent. [Abstract] – [Video]
P2: Having a Good Crisis…and Not Wasting It
By Andrew Millar, University of Dundee. [Abstract] – [Video]

Morning Session 1: We Feel Fine (Governance Issues)
Wednesday 12 July 2017, 09.00-10.40

P3: High Sights, High Standards
By Carley Hollis, University of St Andrews. [Abstract] – [Video]
P4: Making Digital Change Happen
By Melanie Read, University of London. [Abstract] – [Video]
P5: You Touched It Last: Designing Governance for Devolved Institutions
By Gareth Edwards, University of Greenwich. [Abstract] – [Video]

Morning Session 2: We Feel Fine (Tools and Technologies)
Wednesday 12 July 2017, 11.00-12.30

P6: Realising the Vision of a Single Source of Course Information
By Graham Bird, Jenni Taylor & David Hopkins, Cardiff University. [Abstract] – [Video]
P7: Oxford Mosaic – A Web Publishing Platform for the Future
By Matthew Castle & Ruth Mason, University of Oxford. [Abstract] – [Video]
P8: Building a Digital Publishing Platform
By Rich Prowse, University of Bath. [Abstract] – [Video]

Afternoon Session: We Feel Fine (Governance Issues)
Wednesday 12 July 2017, 14.00-14.40

P9: Students as Humans: Understanding and Segmenting the Real Student Experience
By Michael Frantzis, Precedent. [Abstract] – [Video]

Morning Session 1: : We Feel Fine (Working With The Wider Sector)
Thursday 13 July 2017, 09.15-10.30

P10: 5 Conversion Techniques that Higher Ed Can Learn From eCommerce
By Piero Tintori, TerminalFOUR. [Abstract] – [Video]
P12: How to Win Over Your Colleagues and Make Life Easier
By Paul Boag. [Abstract] – [Video]

Morning Session 2: We Feel Fine (The Core Community)
Thursday 13 July 2017, 11.00-12.45

P13: Building a Collaborative Culture in an Institution
By Stratos Filalithis, University of Edinburgh. [Abstract] – [Video]
P14: The Life Academic
By Christopher Gutteridge, University of Southampton. [Abstract] – [Video]
P15: Student Life
By Tom Wright, University of Lincoln. [Abstract] – [Video]
P16: Panel Session
Chaired by Mike McConnell, University of Aberdeen. [Abstract] – [Video]
P17: Conclusions
By Brian Kelly. [Abstract] – [Video]