IWMW 2017 will take place at Keynes College, University of Kent, Canterbury, The full postal address is:

Keynes College
University of Kent

A campus map, including a virtual tour of the college, is available.

Links to information about the registration area, main lecture theatre, rooms for parallel sessions and accommodation are given below:

  • Registration, refreshment and exhibition area: Keynes Atrium (off-site link)
  • Luggage store: Keynes SR7 (off-site link)
  • Main lecture theatre: Keynes LT1 (off-site link)

Workshop sessions and master classes: rooms to be used

Table 1 lists the rooms to be used for the 10 workshop sessions taking place on Tuesday 11 July from 16.00-17.30.

Table 1: Rooms for workshop sessions on Tuesday 11 July
No. Room Capacity Nos.
Link Facilitator Session
1 Keynes SR17 50  17 [Link] Alberto Guglielmi, University of Birmingham [A1: User Testing – A Toolkit]
2 Keynes KSA1 32  11 [Link] Lauren Tormey, University of Edinburgh [A2: Create Effective Content Quickly With Pair Writing]
3 Keynes SR16 50 20 [Link] Tom Wright, University of Lincoln [A3: Making Web and Digital Work For Your Students]
4 Keynes LT6 90 11 [Link] Stephen Evans, University of St Andrews [A4: A Practical Guide to How We Built a Self-Documenting Digital Pattern Library]
5 Keynes LT5 90  8 [Link] Jonathan Thirlwell, Matthew Bull and Sam Charman, University of Kent [A5: Reviving Our Online Brand]
6 Keynes SR15 50 14 [Link] Marieke Guy, QAA and Jon Rathmill, University of Kent [A7: The Sixty Minute (Data Dashboard) Makeover – in 1 hour 30 minutes!]
7 Keynes SR13 45 7 [Link] David Oulton and Aldona Gosnell,
University of Edinburgh
[A8: Open Campus – Using Virtual Tours to Engage With ALL Your Audiences]
8 Keynes SR11 32 12 [Link] Nick Harper, UCAS [A9: EA in an Agile Context]
9 Keynes SR14 45 13 [Link] Adam Frank and Esther Berry, Squiz [A10: The Most Untapped Resource in Your Student Retention Strategy]
10 Keynes SR12  40  7 [Link] Lee Garrett, Think Productive [A11: How To Be A Productivity Ninja]

Master Class Sessions: Rooms

Table 2 lists the rooms to be used for master class sessions taking place on Wednesday 12 July from 14.50-17.30.

Table 2: rooms to be used for master class sessions
No. Room Capacity Nos.
Link Facilitator Session
1 Keynes SR15 50 20 [Link] Rich Prowse, Tom Trentham & Hanna Lorraine, University of Bath   [B1]
2 Keynes LT5 90  9 [Link] Rob Ryder-Richardson, University of Dundee   [B2]
3 Keynes SR12 40  15 [Link] Brian Kelly   [B3]
4 Keynes SR16 52 19 [Link] Claire Gibbons   [B4]
5 Keynes SR17 50  19 [Link] Josh Somma, Steph Bradley and Toby Margetts, Squiz   [B6]
6 Keynes SR13 45 19 [Link] Paul Hoskins, Precedent   [B7]
7 Keynes SR11 32  5 [Link] Jon Bird, WP Engine   [B8]
8 Keynes SR14 45 12 [Link] Gordon Grace, Funnelback   [B9]