Plenary Talks

The theme for the IWMW 2017 event is “It’s The End Of The Institution As We Know It (And We Feel Fine)“. The plenary talks at the event address aspects of this theme by exploring the challenges institutions currently face and how they are responding to these challenges by addressing governance issues, developing and making use of tools and technologies, learning from sponsors and working with the wider community and working collaboratively to support each other as well as contributors to and users of our web and digital services.

Details of the plenary talks are given below. Please note this may be subject to change.

Tuesday 11 July 2017, Opening Session:
The End of the World?

Session chair: Brian Kelly, IWMW founder and IWMW 2017 co-chair
Talk P0: IWMW 2017: Introduction
Speaker: Brian Kelly
Talk P1: The UK’s European University in a Time of Brexit
Speaker: Bonnie Ferguson, University of Kent
Talk P2: Having a Good Crisis…and Not Wasting It
Speaker: Andrew Millar, University of Dundee

Wednesday 12 July 2017, Morning Session 1:
We Feel Fine (Governance Issues)

Session chair: Claire Gibbons, IWMW 2017 co-chair
Talk P3: High Sights, High Standards
Speaker: Carley Hollis, University of St Andrews
Talk P4: Making Digital Change Happen
Speaker: Melanie Read, University of London
Talk P5: You Touched It Last: Designing Governance for Devolved Institutions
Speaker: Gareth Edwards, University of Greenwich

Wednesday 12 July 2017, Morning Session 2:
We Feel Fine (Tools and Technologies)

Session chair: Andrew Millar, University of Dundee
Talk P6: Realising the Vision of a Single Source of Course Information
Speakers: Graham Bird, Jenni Taylor and David Hopkins, Cardiff University
Talk P7: Oxford Mosaic – A Web Publishing Platform for the Future
Speakers: Matthew Castle and Ruth Mason, University of Oxford
Talk P8: Building a Digital Publishing Platform
Speaker: Rich Prowse, University of Bath

Wednesday 12 July 2017, Afternoon Session:
We Feel Fine (Understanding Our Users)

Session chair: TBC
Talk P9: Students as Humans: Understanding and Segmenting the Real Student Experience
Speaker: Michael Frantzis, Precedent

Thursday 13 July 2017, Morning Session 1:
We Feel Fine (Working With The Wider Community)

Session chair: Marieke Guy, QAA
Talk P10: 5 Conversion Techniques that Higher Ed Can Learn From eCommerce
Speaker: Piero Tintori, TerminalFOUR
Talk P11: UCAS – From Clearing House to Digital Ecosystem
Speakers: Fatuma Mahad, UCAS
Talk P12: How to Win Over Your Colleagues and Make Life Easier
Speaker: Paul Boag

Thursday 13 July 2017, Morning Session 2:
We Feel Fine (The Core Community)

Session chair: Mike McConnell, University of Aberdeen
Talk P13: Building a Collaborative Culture in an Institution
Speaker: Stratos Filalithis, University of Edinburgh
Talk P14: The Life Academic
Speaker: Christopher Gutteridge, University of Southampton
Talk P15: Student Life
Speaker: Tom Wright, University of Lincoln
Talk P16: Panel session chaired by Mike McConnell, University of Aberdeen