Sponsor Email: Zententi

The second message from sponsors of the IWMW 2016 event is from Zengenti who provide a summary of their master class session. [Message sent on 10 June 2016]

Create better content.

We’re taught that complicated writing makes us better writers – but it’s not true. The best authors and journalists are those who can take complex ideas and convey them in a way that their readers can understand.

We are CMS providers and website developers for some of the world’s leading organisations. Our clients include King’s College London, the London School of Economics, and the Royal Institute of British Architects. So, we have a wealth of knowledge about not just the nitty gritty of making good websites, but also how to populate them with engaging and meaningful content.

Our content team has been consulting and writing for quite some time. They know what good content looks and sounds like and how to create it.

These things can be learnt. And old habits die hard, but they do die – if you kill them. Sometimes it just takes a bit of time out from your day-to-day life to sit down, get back to basics, and relearn those habits in a better way.

Join us on for a masterclass on Writing for the Web, at 14.45, 22 June at IWMW 2016. This is a condensed version of our full-day workshop run at Zengenti HQ, but we’ll distil the best bits of our teachings in this afternoon session.

We’ll cover:

  • Finding and making your point
  • Bringing your users with you
  • Keeping your voice active and consistent
  • Tips for hacking your writing processes

Course Leaders

Zach Beauvais, Head of Content & Communities

Zach is a content strategist who likes to help people tell their stories. He came from the world of the web – writing for technology blogs like ReadWriteWeb and ZDNet. To satisfy his passion for words, he studied linguistics at King’s College London. He spent several years editing the publication for the semantic web: Nodalities Magazine.

Ryan Bromley, Digital Marketing Executive

Ryan is a digital marketing executive at Zengenti. He looks after our marketing content, oversees campaigns, and helps teach courses in writing for the web. He holds a master’s degree in creative writing, and has worked in marketing for almost a decade.