Online Registration

Update (17 June 2016)

Late bookings (at a reduced price of £260 for the 3-day event but with no conference meal) and day tickets were made available on 11 June 2016. However bookings closed on 17 June 2016.


The cost of early bird tickets for the IWMW 2016 event was £275 per person. The delegate fee includes full attendance at the workshop, refreshments and lunch, workshop dinner and social events.

Note that this year accommodation is not provided. Delegates will have to book their own accommodation. There is a wide range of affordable accommodation available in Liverpool city centre and further details are available. Note that we are pleased to have been able to reduce the cost of the event to less than last year’s cost for those who did not wish to book accommodation.

Lunch will be provided on Wednesday 22nd June. The conference dinner will be held at the Merseyside Maritime Museum on Tuesday 21st June. On the evening of Wednesday 22nd June delegates will be free to choose pubs and restaurants for an evening meal, the price of which is not included. A list of recommended venues will be provided.

The online booking form is available below.  Please read the FAQs beneath the order form if you have any questions. In particular that a credit card is the preferred payment method. Please check with your finance department to see if this is possible as changing payment methods after a booking has been made is time-consuming.

Order Form

Note that the order form is also available on the Eventbrite web site.


  • What’s the simplest way to pay for the event? The easiest way to pay for the event is with a credit card, such as your institutional/departmental credit card. If a colleague needs to make the booking on your behalf not that you should ensure they are able to provide information for your preferred parallel sessions, any special dietary requirements, your preferred drink at the conference dinner, as well as contact information.
  • What other payment options are available?   If you cannot pay by credit card you can pay by cheque or by invoice.
  • I’m a speaker. How should I pay?  A special online payment form is available for speakers and event organisers. You should have received further details. If not, please email the event organiser.
  • I’m a sponsor. How should I pay?  A special online registration form is available for event sponsors. Details will have been sent to the person arranging the sponsorship. If you need further information please contact the IWMW 2016 event organiser (email to
  • I thought that the IWMW event payment covered accommodation. What has happened this year?  Accommodation is normally provided in university accommodation at the host institution. However Liverpool John Moores University does not provide accommodation for conferences.
  • What do I need to do to book accommodation? There is a wide range of accommodation available in Liverpool city centre, including affordable hotels near the university and event venue and by the Albert Dock, the location of the conference dinner. Details of hotel accommodation will be provided. A number of recommended hotels will be listed for those who may wish to stay with other IWMW 2016 participants. Alternatively you may wish to book a place on Airbnb – or perhaps book a luxury apartment to share with friends!
  • Unfortunately my university expects conference bookings and accommodation to be made in a single payment. Can you help?  Please get in touch (email and we’ll see what we can do.
  • What else is included in the online booking form? The online booking form should also be used for selecting your preferred parallel sessions.
  • I have special dietary requirements. What do I need to do? The online booking form enables you to provide information if you are a vegetarian, vegan or have other special dietary requirements.
  • What will happen on the first night of the event?  The conference dinner will be held on Tuesday 21 June, the first night of the IWMW 2016 event. The conference dinner will be held at the Merseyside Maritime Museum.  A special conference meal will be available, with wine, beer and soft drinks. Note the online booking form allows you to state whether you prefer red win, white wine, beer of soft drinks.
  • What will happen on the second night of the event?  The second night at IWMW events has always been left free for delegates to visit bars and restaurants. We will provide details of suggested bars and restaurants and suggest some bars for people to meet at after eating. Note that the Albert Dock is an ideal location for eating and drinking.
  • How will you use my personal information, such as my email address?  When you book a place using the Eventbrite booking system you will be added to a mailing list. The list will be used to send messages about the event plans. In addition a limited number of messages from event sponsors may be distributed. Email addresses may also be made available to facilitators of workshop sessions and master classes if the facilitators wish to make contact with participants of their session prior to the event.
  • I have a question which is not addressed in this FAQ! Please send an email to  We will try and answer your question and, if it is relevant to others, will add it to this list of FAQs.