The timetable for the IWMW 2014 event is given below. Note that a copy suitable for downloading and printing is also available on the Scribd service.

16th July 2014 (day 1) 17th July 2014 (day 2) 18th July 2014 (day 3)
09.00 Registration (from 10.00 until 17:00) Building cost-effective, flexible and scalable education resources using Google Cloud Platform by Sharif Salah, University of Portsmouth
09:15 Rebooting MyEd – Making the Portal Relevant Again by Martin Morrey, University of Edinburgh
09:45 Using the start-up playbook to reboot a big university website by Ross Ferguson, University of Bath
10.00 Allocating Work: Providing Tools for Academics by Hiten Vaghmaria, University of Westminster
10:30 Tea
11:00 Marketing is dead, long live UX by Neil Allison, University of Edinburgh Tea
11:45 Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions What is our vision for the institutional web and can we implement that vision?  Panelists: Stephen Emmott, Michael Nolan, Mike McConnell and Tracey Milnes


14:00 Welcome to IWMW 2014 by Brian Kelly “You are ALL so weird!” University sector analysis and trends by Ranjit Sidhu, SiD
14:30 Why you don’t need a social media plan and how to create one anyway by Tracy Playle, Pickle Jar Communications
14.45 What Does The Data Tell Us About UK University Web Sites? by Chris Gutteridge, University of Southampton




15.45 Digital Adaptation: Time to Untie Your Hands by Paul Boag, Headscape Parallel Sessions
The following parallel sessions are available:
A1: Analytics reporting powered by Google Apps Scripts
A2: Reframing Content Strategy
A3: Making Personas Work
A4: Learning to COPE (Create, Once, Publish Everywhere)
A5: Google Analytics For Beginners
A6: How to Buy Free Software
A7: Working with data.ac.uk, Creating your Institution’s OPD
A8: WordPress as a CMS
16:00 Parallel Sessions: Choose one parallel session from the eight sessions which are available (see the list of workshop sessions).
16:30 Hyper-connectEd: Filling the vacuum by switching from blow to suck by Martin Hawksey, ALT
17.15 Close
17.30 Free time Close
Free time
19:00 Conference meal Drinks reception