“You are ALL so weird!” University sector analysis and trends

We know universities are weird, but can we learn how weird by looking at it as a collective group and comparing it to other sectors? Or has the university sector as a concept died? Can analysis be used to identify what the new challenges and problems facing universities will be?

In this plenary we will look at the what are the general trends, problems and solutions that effect all universities, as well as the particular issues facing areas like postgraduate, undergraduate recruitment and the provision of student services.

We will look how data can be used by universities dipping into the proactive recruitment through online advertising for the first time and how detailed data segmentation will make you the VCs best friend – guaranteed!

Speaker: Ranjit Sidhu, Statistics into Decisions (SiD)

Time: Thursday 17 July 2014 from 14.00-14.45.

Code: P7