What Does The Data Tell Us About UK University Web Sites?

The data.ac.uk Web site is described as “a landmark site for academia providing a single point of contact for linked open data development. It not only provides access to the know-how and tools to discuss and create linked data and data aggregation sites, but also enables access to, and the creation of, large aggregated data sets providing powerful and flexible collections of information.” The Web site is working to inform national standards and assist in the development of national data aggregation subdomains.

In this plenary talk Chris Gutteridge and Andrew Milsted, developers of the service at the University of Southampton explain the reasons for the development of the service, the benefits it can provide for the Web management community, plans for future development and how Web managers can make use of the service.

Speaker: Chris Gutteridge, University of Southampton

Time: Thursday 17 July 2014 from 14.45-15.30.

Code: P8