Tracy Playle

Prior to founding Pickle Jar Communications in 2007, Tracy worked for the University of Warwick in the UK. Her work there embraced internal and external communications, web communications, press and media relations, broadcast PR, event management, copywriting and business development and planning.

She was previously Head of Research-TV, a broadcast PR service working on behalf of many universities and research organisations to help them raise the profile of their research on television channels around the world. During her time there she oversaw the production and distribution of more than 100 video news releases, achieving over 1500 broadcasts on television channels (including major international news networks) around the world. During this time she began to explore more opportunities for online video communications, and thus her move towards a specialism in digital media began.

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Plenary talk

Tracy gave the opening plenary talk (#P1) on “Why you don’t need a social media plan and how to create one anyway” from 14.30-15.15 on Wednesday 16 July 2014.