Making Digital Change Happen

The University of London has to be a high-performing organisation that thrives in a changing environment. The university is moving into the concept of “One University”- an approach with common objectives, co-ordinated processes and mutual awareness are actively pursued. With students in all continents, digital communication, an international research reach and a desire to increase public engagement is critical and the “One University” applies more than ever to the University’s online presence. During this talk, Melanie will outline the approach taken by the University of London to address its muddled online presence, how they have started to sell its huge range of assets and develop a clearer user experience.


  • Title: Making Digital Change Happen
  • Type: Plenary
  • Hashtag: #P4
  • Speaker: Melanie Read, University of London
  • Date and time: 09.40-10.10 on Wednesday 12 July 2017
  • Venue: Keynes Lecture Theatre 1 (LT1)

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