Paul Hoskins

As executive chairman and founder, Paul Hoskins leads Precedent’s strategic vision, working in close partnership with our clients to deliver impactful digital solutions. With a career-long passion for the higher education sector, he has developed lasting relationships with leadership teams within many leading universities, both in the UK and AsiaPac, mobilising and supporting those organisations to embark on university-wide digital transformation projects.

Paul’s continued involvement in the education sector has led to his development of a digital transformation forum for HE leaders. The forum takes shape as a series of roundtable events for director-level professionals, with the aim of highlighting and addressing the recurring challenges universities face, and breaking down the barriers that must be overcome in order to reach the desired future state of the digitally-transformed university.

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Master Class

Paul Hoskins facilitated a master class entitled “A Roundtable Discussion: How Do You Start Without Knowing Where You’re Going?” from 14.50-17.30 on Wednesday 12th July 2017.