Alberto Guglielmi

Alberto Guglielmi works as a Web Editor at the University of Birmingham and more specifically for the College of Arts and Law that he joined in 2012. Here he is responsible for the digital presence of several departments and schools. In his ‘spare’ working time he tries to innovate following the pioneering spirit of the University.

In 2016 he successfully submitted a proposal to start a pilot project on user testing to make the content of the College of Arts and Law websites more accessible and easy to use for real user. The project started in the autumn 2016 and runs until the summer 2017. The pilot project has already produced positive changes both in improving the quality of web content and in changing stakeholders’ perspective on how real users browse the University website.

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Alberto facilitated a workshop on “User Testing – A Toolkit” which took place from 16.00-17.30 on Tuesday 11 July 2017.