Delegate email: 4 July 2017


The IWMW 2017 event is only a week away.

You should have recently received the initial delegate email.  If you didn’t receive the email (perhaps you registered after the email was sent)  the information is available at

A small number of additional emails will be sent out this week, including brief emails from a number of the event sponsors.

A few further brief notices:

  • This year in addition to the conference dinner on the opening night we will be organising a barbecue on the second night.
  • The dress code is informal
  • For those arriving on Monday night we have booked a room in The Dolphin pub, Canterbury.
  • Further information about the social is available at

In addition to support communications at the event (and in the run-up to the event) we intend to make use of the he-digital Slack group and, in particular, the iwmw2017 channel. The he-digital Slack group was set up recently by members of the IWMW 2017 advisory group to provide an informal mechanism  for discussions between members of the UK higher education web/digital community.   Note that a Slack channel is also the tool used for the weekly discussions of the IWMW 2017 (and 2016) advisory group so we feel the tool can be valuable for the community.

In order to use the tool you should go to and register.  We suggest that you register in advance of the event to gain familiarity with the tool before the event/  Once registered you may also wish to install a Slack app on your mobile device.

Note that the role of the he-digital Slack channel, as well as other communications tool will be discussed in the “Communications Infrastructure for the UK HE Digital Community” master class, which will include discussions of scope, governance and acceptable use.  In the interim, the acceptable use policy for use of Slack (and any other tools we may use) should be “Don’t be stupid!


Brian Kelly

IWMW founder and IWMW 2017 co-chair