The Inside-Out University


It’s a truism that Universities are going through a period of enormous change. This talk will focus on one particular development – the move to being “open by default“, in which the web community will play a key enabling role.

There are many practical considerations around opening up institutional information such as course data, educational resources and research datasets. Until recently these might typically have been considered to be “private” to the institution or even the individual academic, and our systems and services have tended to be constructed on this basis.

Being open by default also has a lot to do with changing the institutional culture so that we are used to working more broadly and deeply with external partners. These include service providers, consumers of the information that we are making open, and facilitators such as the Open Data Institute.

In this talk I will look at some examples from Loughborough University including our recent Jisc projects on Open Course Data and Business & Community Engagement. I will also use crowdsourcing to solicit feedback from the community on their own experiences of the open access transition, and fold these into the talk.


The slides are available on the Slideshare repository and embedded below.