Interfacing Google Analytics with Google Sheets for Primary and Secondary Data Analysis [A6]


A recent conservative estimate indicated 88% of UK universities use Google Analytics on their main website. At the IWMW 2010 event Ranjit Sidhu highlighted the value of using Google Analytics data to justify the roles of web teams. One of the issues with Google Analytics data is it is often the domain administrator is the gatekeeper, selectively releasing the data in a controlled way can be a challenge and often the only option is all or nothing.

In this workshop delegates will learn how Google Sheets and Google Apps Script can be used to selectively extract data from Google Analytics making it possible to analyse using built-in Google Sheet tools like tables, charts and pivots, or selectively republished for use in other tools like R or InDesign. Additionally participants will also learn how using Google Sheets data can be combined with other datasets such as Twitter, providing near realtime insight to website traffic and interaction.

Facilitator: Martin Hawksey, CETIS