The Delicious Discomfort Of Not Knowing: How to Lead Effectively Through Uncertainty


These are times of rampant uncertainty heralded by technological, financial and social pressures. Occupying such a space can feel disorientating. We might be bewildered, afraid, excited or overwhelmed. What will it take to enable you to continue to move forward when you are no longer even sure which way you are facing?

How will you make progress in your career and your organisation and how will you recognise that progress?

What must you do both as individuals and, where applicable, as decision maker or leader to let go of the old solutions when they no longer apply to your rapidly changing environment?

This plenary will provide a framework for individuals, both the innovative and the not so radical to make sense of what it means to live and thrive within uncertainty and to be able to face the challenges that such uncertainty presents.

It provides a solid framework for coping with “Not knowing” and establishes an optimistic angle on the potential that not knowing holds – potential that can be multiplied through effective cross-department and cross-institutional collaboration.

Now, if only we could make that work …