The impact of SharePoint in Higher Education


Microsoft’s SharePoint has seen a massive uptake in UK Higher Education Institutions. The vast majority of institutions are making some use of SharePoint to some extent. Some have used it for their website, some for their intranet, some as a student portal, many for team collaboration and document sharing. A small number of HEIs are even using it as a VLE. This upsurge in usage has occured relatively suddenly. The HEI community has had little opportunity to reflect on both the opportunities, and the threats, that the rise of SharePoint poses.

In this session James Lappin and Pete Gilbert will answer questions on the nature of SharePoint, its strengths and weaknesses, and the uses that HEIs have been making of it.

James researched the usage of SharePoint in UK Higher Education in a Northumbria University research project (funded by Eduserv). Pete has led an innovative SharePoint implementation at the University of the West of England.


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